3 Killer Way’s To Blog Like The Big Boy’s

Want To Blog Like The Big Boys? Here’s 3 Killer Ways

If you have been searching the Internet for any period of time, I know you have seen some great blog’s.  Blog’s from top bloggers.  Blogs with great information, entertaining, help and advice.  So the question I have for you…“Do You Want To Blog Like The Big Boy’s?”

Do you want a blog that grab the attention of your readers?  A blog for what people are searching for?  What about a blog with products showing and telling your readers what you have to offer?

The good news is, to blog like the Big Boy’s is not that difficult.  It really isn’t.  All it takes is a little knowledge about bogging and practice.

Blogging is nothing more than telling a story, reviewing products, helping solve people’s problems and offering help and advice.

A good example is this article on how to blog like the big boy’s.  This article offers a few tips that I have learned and creating a blog that helps anyone interesting in starting a blog.

How To Blog Like The Big Boys

First question: “Are you blogging?” Hundreds and even Thousands are and many are very successful.  The next question, “So why don’t more people blog?”

Many reasons, “People don’t know what to blog about.   And why should I blog, no one knows me.”

I’m reminded of many famous actors, actress and musicians who no one knew and yet they became household names.  The Beatles sang in smoky bars and basements for years.  Johnny Depp took small roles until he hit it big in the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and Madonna have been legends in this arena. These famous singers have achieved great success in their music journey earning them a huge fan base.

But again no one knew them for years.  So what’s different between you, them and me?

Consistency!  They knew what they wanted and stayed consistent until they succeeded.

Here is a definition of… CONSISTENCY

For example, think about one of your goals. It requires consistent effort to push toward that goal. If you are not consistently focused on achieving it, you will likely fall back into old habits or lose interest. Being consistent is the difference between failure and success. The late Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and author, said: “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

Consistency is especially important in business. Restaurants, for example, must be consistent, because customers come in expecting the same good food all the time. If they slip up even one day, they lose customers. Consistency establishes reputations.

As Ray Higdon teaches… just do it and stay consistent.

I like a story Ray tells, “I get over 14 million hits on my blog and 40,000 unique visitors per month.  Months ago, no one knew me.”  He continues, “A lot of people never actually get started.  You can’t sit in your driveway and get to your destination.  You’ve got to get in the car, back it up, fill the car with gas and go”.  “If you don’t you are just sitting in the driveway”.

My next question is, “Are you sitting in the driveway waiting to be recognized? or are you activity creating content on your blog?”

If your just sitting…WHY?

What I hear from many blogger’s is, “What do I say?”  “What do I blog about blog about?”  “I don’t know how to blog?”  “Is blogging important to my business?”

Well here is some refreshing news to relieve some of your anxieties…Stop Trying To Be Creative.

Here are three killer easy ways to come up with content each and every day.

Number 1

Look at your bookshelves.  You have books don’t you?  Why did you buy them?  If you bought them more than likely someone else may have done the same or maybe you can dig out some information to inform your readers.  These books have your blog title and blog information.  I have books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Beach Money”, College books, “How To Books” and books from Zig Ziglar and Robert Schuler.  Do you think I can find something to blog about?

Number 2

Ask questions.  Ask people what their number one issue is.  Write them down.  All you are doing is taking a survey.  Get enough questions and you can write a novel every day.  Solve their problem.  If they have a question, so do hundreds of others.  If you have writers block, go back to the questions and write some more.

Take a couple of hours and go to Barnes and Noble or to a library if you are in a small town.  Grab 3, 4, 5 books on a subject you’re interested in or others maybe interested in.  Books on your niche, self-improvement, leadership, sales, coaching, weight loss, golf, et cetera.   Write something of substance from any of the books or articles.  If you do, reference the book.  Here’s a money tip, sign up for a free Amazon affiliate account.  Reference the book in your blog.  If someone purchases the book you make an affiliate commission.  Why Not?

Number 3

Attend a seminar, meeting, webinar or any other event.  Take notes, and then write about what you learned.  Let’s say you paid to go to the event.  In your blog post tell them you paid XX dollars for this event, but I am giving this to you for FREE.


Finally, people are so afraid of their credentials.

You would be surprised that your credentials are not scrutinized as much as you think.

Here is an example of credentials,  You go to Home Depot, you ask the information desk where are the lawn mowers? He/she tells you they are in the garden shop.  You go to the garden shop and see lawn mowers.  You ask the clerk. “What are the different lawn mowers?”  He tells you and describes the various ones.  You purchase the lawn mower.  Was he an expert?  You don’t know.  Did he solve a problem?  Yes he did!

What I am getting to, is you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to “act” like one.  Solve a problem or offer help and advice.

You don’t need to be stressed on what to blog about, you have hundreds of items available at your fingertips for great content.

The one thing that comes across as most important…be consistent.  You can’t blog for 3-4 months and stop.  You can’t just do it when ever you think about it.  You must blog daily in order to be found.

Remember, you can’t get to your destination by just sitting in your driveway.

Here’s to your success,


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