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Remember The Seven Rules Of Marketing?

“The marketing rule of seven states that a marketer must “touch” a prospect seven times before they’ll take the desired action.”

This means that you need to do more than simply get traffic to your website. You need to make sure that your readership is seeing you in more places than just one.

Or if your presenting your product to a new customer, Rule 7 states that you must touch them 7 times in such a way as to get to purchase your product.

Now if your thinking that you must reproach them 7 times, that simply is not what I’m implying.  Yes it may take 7 different “touches” but what I’m saying is that during a single visit, give them 7 answers, demonstrations or solutions to your customers desires, needs or wants.

7 is the magic number.  If you can sum all their issues with 7 good answers, most of the time you will have them giving you positive responses to your offer or product.

Or you may need to approach them 7 different time to get the response your looking for.

Just remember “The Rule Of Seven”:  “The marketing rule of seven states that a marketer must “touch” a prospect seven times before they’ll take the desired action.”

The Rule Of Seven: How Social Media Crushes Old School Marketing

It’s important to restate the Seven Rules Of Marketing.

It’s been proven over and over that the more positive contact you have with customers, the easier it is to develop and sustain relationships and ultimately, close more sales. Unfortunately, you’re one of thousands who are vying for your customers attention.

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that “a prospect needs to “hear” your message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.” It’s a marketing maxim developed by the movie industry in the 1930s. Studio bosses discovered that a certain amount of advertising and promotion was required to compel someone to see one of their movies.

Today’s Marketing Strategy

Today, without a clearly-defined marketing strategy to map out how you’ll touch that prospect at least 7 times, your odds of success are pretty slim. In fact, today you might need more than those 7 times just to be heard above all the clutter that’s in people’s News feeds.

Let’s be clear, not all touches are created equal. Will your message be meaningful? ….or a spammy sales pitch?

5 Easy Ways To Sell Without Being Pushy Or Obnoxious

Social media is a fantastic place to get more “touches” to prospective clients. You can draw them into your website once, then continually remind them of your existence later on.

Great tip and easy to implement is to repost older articles from your website or blog. This gives your social media followers multiple “touches” without writing new articles.

Again, just take one of your older articles and repost it….simple and easy.

One strategy called retargeting is often implemented by marketers to place ads in front of people who’ve visited a website but haven’t clicked through to make any purchases.

With a tactic like this, you can achieve more “touches” with that frustratingly high percentage of your audience that tends to only browse instead of buy.

Social media, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media should be use to get multiple exposure to your product or opportunity.

Rule Of Seven In Today’s Digital Age

Social media crushes old school marketing by expertly leveraging a medium that touches customers regularly.  Let’s read that again, because it is an important STATEMENT.

“Social media crushes old school marketing by expertly leveraging a medium that touches customers regularly.”

Social media affords businesses, like your and mine the opportunity to engage a customer more often than 7 times everyday! This is accomplished by sharing content, interacting with people and targeting ads to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Social Media Strategy Is Key To Your Home Business

You now have a home business, and a basic understanding of the 7 Rules Of Marketing, how has it changed with a home based business in the digital age?

Social media, and all digital marketing takes thoughtful content strategy to engage customers at every level of the buying process.

Old school marketing messages lack a reason to connect. Without meaning, messages are lost in the cacophony of content in your customers’ lives.

Is Old School Marketing Dead?  The answer is, “It’s not dead, but is fading fast.”

I know a number of top earners in affiliate marketing still using old school marketing and creating a great income stream.  Today, this is the exception and not the rule.  Social Media is the New Strategy used by the new digital entrepreneur.  Is Old School Marketing Dead?

Socially-savvy home businesses publish marketing messages that come in the form of useful content that delights their intended audience. These messages tell stories that create an emotional connection.

Buying decisions are shaped by three things:

  • stories told
  • the memories they leave behind
  • how the product or business opportunity changed their life

It’s a fact that storytellers make emotional connections. You can’t create an emotional connection with interruptive advertising.

Interruptive advertising is considered to be an annoying version of the traditional way of doing marketing.  Today a better way of marketing is permission marketing.  With permission marketing, the company, you and me are encouraged to build up a long term relationship with customers which can be beneficial in the long run.

How Do You Tell Your Story Using 3 Successful Strategies?

All digital content must convey a unique value to the people you want to reach. There are many forms of content and many mediums with which to tell your story and publish it.

The easiest way is tell your prospect what it was like before you joined your affiliate business opportunity and what your life is like after.  Tell them what your problems were, tell them your pain, your issues, your view of never getting your wants and desires.  Paint a picture of despair.

Now paint a picture of moving forward to solving your issues.  Paint a picture of your life as a new positive adventure.  Even if you have not accomplished all your goals, let your prospect know that you are moving in the right direction.

Get them to relate to your story.  Show them that if you had not made a positive decision to do something to solve your issues, you would sill be dealing with them!

Example:  A good friend told me the story of how he was working in a good company with a good income but he was not happy with the work environment.  He left that company for another.  Struggling with debt, he sought a solution which included working part-time in affiliate marketing.  After many failed attempts, hundreds of dollars in debt, kicked out of his apartment, and living in the basement of a friend, he stumbled upon a strategic plan that turned his business around.  Today, he has made millions in a very successful affiliate business.



He tells his prospect his story and how he solved his issues.  Do the same thing.  Tell them your story and what your doing about it.

3 Successful Proven Strategies:

1. Images

“There can be no words without pictures.” -Aristotle

Images that show examples of people enjoying their new life style, their new friendships, and experience tell a great story.  Potential customers, and recruits can look at these pictures and think they are people just like me.  They can see themselves as part of that excited group.

Real authentic images where words are not necessary, which will win your ideal customer or recruit to your business – which in my opinion, could be more valuable than words!

2. Videos

“Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.” Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Facebook video is good at everything: smart, shareable & personal. It’s one of the best ways to reach customers at scale.
  • Video on Twitter is for engagement: direct, social and real.
  • Video on Youtube is good for building a loyal audience.

The foundational intent of all content is to attract, engage and ultimately convert your ideal customers.

Customer interviews and “How To” videos provide a lot of visibility, can establish your authority and boost your reputation. But, just like an image that fails to tell a story, videos can fall flat unless you’ve got a game plan.

3. Blogs Articles

“What factors help you rank with Google? I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.” –Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google.

Unless companies embrace content as a tool to educate and entice prospects, they will not become meaningful to new customers.

A Blog is the hub to your Social Media Strategic Plan.

Blog posts or articles is a good marketing strategy for a long term marketing strategy plan.

Good quality articles will help Google find quality prospects for your business.  In contrast, poorly written articles will only tell Google, “I don’t care about acquiring good people.”

If your business has adopted social media, use your blog to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions, especially those questions that cause them to hesitate in their purchase decision.

Also a good written blog will help solve many of their problems, train, advise, offer tips to help them understand how marketing and entrepreneurship works.

Pro Tip: Publish your blog articles on social media and use Facebook ads to promote them.

Many top earners in Affiliate Marketing began their career using blogs as their platform in the beginning.  Most will still use blogs to help find, train, answer questions to new prospects and customers.

We’re talking and listening in unprecedented numbers. As consumers shop online, social media influences opinions and affects purchase decisions.

Engage customers at every stage of the buying cycle. 7 could be your magic number and thousands of happy, loyal customers can become the new rule!

Again, A Blog is the hub to your Social Media Strategic Plan.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques: The Basics

Lets keep in mind the paragraphs you just read: “a prospect needs to “hear” your message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.”

  • Social Media Crushes Old School Marketing
  • Rule Of 7 In The Digital Age
  • Social Media Strategy Is Key
  • Tell Your Story
  • Use Images
  • Use Video
  • Use Blog Articles

With every word you write, every blog post you publish and every email newsletter you publish, you should be focused on weaving in these techniques:

  • Know your audience.  This means you have to get into their heads. What do they want or need?  How can you make sure that your affiliate links truly appeal to them? Is every word you’re writing really relevant to that audience?  Read: How To Create Your Avatar
  • Be the authority.  People need to have a reason to come and listen to you. Why should they trust what you’re saying? What makes you the one to listen to, as opposed to other voices on the internet? Present yourself as an authority, and you’re already winning their trust. Bring your own personal thoughts, opinions, criticisms, experiences and sense of humor into the mix. The more people know about you and your personal connection to the topic, the more they’ll come back to hear what you’ve got to say.
  • Put quality above quantity:  Success in marketing doesn’t come from having numerous links in a poorly-written post. You gain readership through honest, informative content that appeals to your audience. In the end, appealing to that targeted readership is what will bring you better revenue.
  • Solve their problems.  Publish articles, videos, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media platforms, solving their most pressing issues.  Help solve their problems with ideas and tips.  Affiliate Marketers most pressing issue is finding a good niche products that they can represent.  Help them with tips about locating the most popular affiliate products or programs.
  • Offer them a solution.  The most important technique in your marketing plan is “Offer Them A Solution To Their Problems.”  The basic concept to your strategic marketing plan is the solution.  The solution can be your own product or program.  Frame your solution around the problem, know your audience, be the authority they are looking for, and above all never, ever pressure or push your prospect or customer, but instead guide them to the solution.


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