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The Big Picture

The most successful home business owners have at least one thing in common – they have the ability to see the big picture and envision what their successful business will look like tomorrow and beyond.

The question is: “can you really make money from affiliate programs?”  The answer, YES and NO.  There is money in affiliate marketing but if YOU can make money from it or not depends on a lot of other factors such as your commitment, willingness to learn, experience, set realistic goals, site traffic etc.

To help answer the question, “can you really make money from affiliate programs?” Here are seven basic activities successful affiliate business owners do every day while placing their focus on tomorrow and beyond.

It starts with:

1. Goal-Setting, DAP

Talk to any affiliate business owner and they will tell you that their success was based upon setting realistic goals. Goal setting is great way to clarify your business. You can measure your progress, track accomplishments, focus on what needs to be done and alter you goals if necessary. The most successful affiliate business owners, set high goals as an opportunity to push their comfort zone and take calculated risks.

The more you as a business owner are willing to stretch and challenge yourself, the more you have to gain over the long term. Create a plan for this growth in the form of long and short-term goals. Long term-goals can be 1 year, 5 year goals or future goals. Short-term goals can be 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 1 year. Add a one page business plan, marketing plan or even single targeted tasks. This simple task will help your business reach new levels of success. Set up a DAP (Daily Action Plan) so you know what to do every day.

Be realistic in your goal setting. Wanting to make $100,000 dollars is an awesome goal. But wanting to make $100,000 dollars in 6 months or even in one year when your new, is not realistic.

Plus setting a Money Making Goal is not as effective as setting a Task Oriented Goal. Here is an article to explain what I mean:

2. Customer Service

Being able to retain customers plays a significant role in the continued success of any affiliate business. Not only does having regular customers mean regular income, but satisfied customers can also provide powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

As a home based business, the success or failure means keeping your customers and finding new customers. Along with providing your customer with exceptional products or service, you can encourage repeat business by being customer focused. This means asking for customer feedback on your products and services then acting on their issues and/or complaints. Addressing issues and complaints quickly and thoroughly, means retaining your customer base. Always be accessible to your customers and accountable for your actions.

3. Routine Productivity

As a affiliate business owner a lot of what you do will be routine. There are a variety of daily tasks that will need to be accomplished to keep your business running smoothly. This varies based upon the type of business you are operating. Affiliate marketers routines are different than network marketers and these are diffident than a brick and mortar business that has a product or service of their own.

The more effective you are completing the day-to-day business routines the more potential your business has for greater success. You can boost your productivity by developing systems to streamline these processes such as a daily/weekly flow chart you can refer to.

4. You Must Commit to Continuous Learning

You Must Commit to Continuous Learning

You should understand that no matter how much you achieve, there’s always more to be learned and applied for even greater success.

To be stagnate in learning means never having the latest ideas in marketing, customer service, growth and all the other technology, business owners must know to compete in todays business environment,

Classroom setting is the ideal way to get advance training. However, if you don’t have the time to learn in a classroom setting, there are a number of ways you can advance your knowledge. Continuous learning can take the form of online training, self-paced programs, mentoring, a coach and even reading books or articles.

Your business growth is determined on the commitment you are willing to learn.

5. Stay Current with Technology

As with Number 4 You Must Commit to Continuous Learning. Today’s technology plays a major role in every affiliate business. All home business owners can benefit from not only having a basic understanding of the technology that impacts them directly, but also keeping track of how it changes.

Keeping up with new and changing technology can help affiliate business owners make better decisions. Technology will help you save money, time, learning and other resources. What was popular yesterday may not apply today. Newspapers were the way to attract new customer yesterday. Today, newspapers, as we knew them are going away. Social media has taken their place.

6. Alter Your Marketing Activities

Many home business owners today understand how online marketing can add a new dynamic to promoting their products and services. The most successful home businesses are willing to explore new outlets of online marketing in combination with their offline marketing activities. By comparing both online and offline marketing, the business owner can see which produces the most interest and then concentrate their efforts on these productive marketing activities.

Consistently testing and mixing your marketing activities can be a valuable way to see what works, what doesn’t and what type of result it produces.

While you don’t need to change online and offline activities at once, most successful affiliate business owners find a way to work them in over time. To gain momentum, start with one or two that are already aligned with the way you run your business, and then start to make changes to incorporate the others gradually ie; You may like to do videos. Start your affiliate marketing with video and YouTube. You may like to write. Produce valuable blog content and post on Facebook.

7.  Daily Personal Development

Successful business owners are always reading. There are hundreds of not thousands of articles and books on personal development. Personal development is the key to growing not only yourself, but your business. Take 30 minutes out of your day and read. Don’t have 30 minutes? Read 5-6-10 pages. If you set aside a daily personal development schedule, you will be surprised how much time you will find. On a personal note: reading will enhance your marketing skills and mindset.

These 7 basic activities can make a affiliate business more successful. Setting realistic goals, provide great customer service, be more productive, it’s important to commit to learning, study technology to grow your business, alter your marketing to stay current, and daily personal development schedule are all task necessary to growing your business.

Most new affiliate business owners as well as experienced affiliate owners have relied on help from mentors or coaches.

Affiliate marketers can gain a lot of information while reducing the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes by operating their business the right way.

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I leave you with this: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

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