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If you’ve ever tried to start a Home Based Business such as an Affiliate Marketing Business then you know how difficult it can be to grow your business.

In all my blog articles, I will tell you that Affiliate Marketing is neither hard or difficult…However without the proper coaching and training Affiliate Marketing can be difficult.

Getting the basic infrastructure – a website, a blog, mentors and training is the key to success in Affiliate Marketing. The hardest part of a successful home affiliate marketing business is establishing a successful marketing blueprint.

Getting people to come to your website or blog and then make a purchase is the hardest part of your affiliate business.

The pioneers in affiliate marketing were forced to figure things out on their own through an expensive and time consuming process of trial and error, but the good news for the rest of us is that there is now a clear and simple affiliate marketing blueprint out there for new affiliates to follow.


You can learn from the mistakes of your predecessors and take a simpler path to success.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to get started in affiliate marketing; all you need is two things:

  • A website or blog, ideally with your own domain
  • Membership to an affiliate marketing program

If you have the two things, your Blueprint is starting to form.  With these two things in place and a good Affiliate Company, you can start earning commissions.

Some additional items that will help you increase your chances of success are:

  • A Google Analytics account
  • A Google AdWords account
  • An autoresponder to capture and begin a mailing list – I use GetResponse
  • KeyWord Tool
  • Social media accounts…I use FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or a similar social media tool
  • A mentor or coaching partner
  • Affiliate training

Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Building a successful affiliate marketing business can take time. How long?  That depend on you.

I’ll talk about Focus and Persistence later.  Without these two qualities, your home business of affiliate marketing will take a lot longer.

If you want to achieve success as an expert, your best option is to start by building up just one content-rich website or blog and then to monetize it once you have a good user base.

Alternatively, you can try to build a profitable home business by using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social network media sites.  Just pick one that is of interest and master that media before moving on to another.


Building Trust and Traffic

To build a successful affiliate marketing business, you need traffic, and that traffic needs to come from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Another part of the success equation, is that your potential customer must trust you.  You simply cannot expect to be successful if your traffic is un-targeted and of low quality and lack of trust in you.  This is why Personal Branding is so important.

You must allow your customers feel that you are there to help them with their purchase by offering a quality products that they want or desire.  Yes selling is how you will make money, but if you don’t have their interest and trust, they will move on to someone who does.  And believe me there are others who will.

Your job is not to SELL…your job is to HELP.  With helping .. your customers will purchase.

What do I mean by that?  When you offer a product, you must know who your are selling to.  Your blog should contain good content so that your customer can read about your product, why they need it, and how they can purchase.

It is easier to offer something of value to people to get them to trust you while building yourself as a person of “knowledge.”  If they trust you and even easier, if they think that their desire for the product you are selling is something that has come from their own minds. You can harness this by using something known as “attraction marketing”.

Instead of opening with a sales pitch, start with something of value.  Offer a how-to, a video, content or even a product or company review. Then gradually create a scenario where the product you are promoting fulfills a needed.

Provide your readers with content that educates and informs them or solves a problem that they have.  Of course this is offered at no cost to them. Then, once you have a trusted relationship with the customer, you can introduce the product you are selling.

The best thing about this kind of marketing is that you can do it in a semi-passive fashion by taking advantage of evergreen content on your blog.


I have a blog devoted to TEA.  In the blog, I give my visitors the benefits of drinking tea.  I offer ways of preparing tea.  I describe different teas and how they taste.  I also give my readers different ways to make tea, some for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  They also learn how to make flavor teas or “smoothies.”

I include pictures and recipes.  I talk about the history of tea and how tea is grown.

I never sell them tea, I only help them with their decision to purchase.  Over time, I have become known as the “Tea Guy.”

My Affiliate Link is then to a company that offers the various teas.

By giving my customers what they are searching for, I can offer help, advice, ideas and suggestions.  The by-product is the selling of the tea.

Did this happen over night?  Of course not.  But with Focus and Persistence I am able to make an income from TEA.

Focus and Persistence

The final part of Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business is Focus and Persistence.

There are so many testimonials and success stories out that suggest or gives the impression that affiliate marketing is a recipe for fast, income.  This is simply not true.

Again it take Focus and Persistence to make your affiliate marketing business successful.

All too often, I see affiliate marketers give up after a few months.  Why is this?  Most affiliate companies will say/show that all you have to do is….lead with “you can make money even while you sleep.”  By the way, this is true but not at the beginning.

Remember Focus and Persistence?

Give your new home based business at least 6 months to a year.  In the span of business life this is a short time to become successful.

Stay focused on your goals, your business, your happiness and the reason you are building a Affiliate Company.  Don’t waste your time on anything that doesn’t contribute to your growth.

If you stay persistence, you continue to do something even though is is difficult.  Your skill comes only with practice, patience, and persistence.

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two. You and I both know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before. Persistence!


Was this Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint helpful?   You will not learn all there is about Affiliate Marketing and Home Based Business from a few articles.  These articles are here to give you some tip and advice on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.  By learning more and putting all the pieces together you can make money.

To increase your chances of success, find a good Affiliate Company.  Find a good Membership Affiliate Company.  Learn all you can about affiliate marketing.  Implement what you learn…make mistakes…learn from the mistakes and Never Ever Give Up.

Building a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is only the beginning.  Your business blueprint will take a lifetime of learning.  Your assignment is to establish your own branding blueprint.

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