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The Internet has become a powerful tool for growing a business, any business but for affiliate marketers, the Internet is a must have.

This article will explore, “How To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business Using The Internet”

Let’s ask a question before I begin:

“Is There A Secret To Building A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business?”

And the answer is:

Yes there is. It’s called the Internet

And by the way, there is No Secret!

Once again…

“Can you build a Affiliate Marketing Business Using the Internet?”

Now Is The Time

How To Use The InternetThere has never been a better time in history of the world when it has been easier to start your own business.

That’s a bold claim and absolutely true as I will explain in this article.

The reason it’s true, is the Internet.

It can make starting a business quick, simple and inexpensive


  • Your start-up costs are low compared to an offline business or franchise
  • Your overhead can be ridiculously low
  • Your profit margins can be astronomical
  • Your business operation headaches can be almost non-existent compared to running a tradition business
  • Your business headquarters can be anywhere..your home..on the beach..mountain retreat…etc.
  • Your lifestyle can be anything you want
  • Your destiny is under your control

Notice the word uses in these statements. “YOUR”

Affiliate Marketing is a business, a business controlled buy You.

You have a million dollar business, an international business a product business, a service business or anything type of business that meets your desires right in the comfort of your home.

And with any business come cost and headaches, ups and downs.  Knowing this helps you understand that these issues are unavoidable.

Issues will happen, plan on now so you won’t become surprised when it happens.

However, remember it’s your business, you’re in control and you have the ability to solve the issue and/or seek help at anytime.

The Secret To Affiliate Marketing Using The Internet

How To Use The InternetIf you do things right…which means focusing on the right things and taking the right steps, you can start and run your own business from your home and literally be up and running within hours.

This make Affiliate Marketing the perfect business.

I realize that sounds absurd..but it is true.

Ask any Affiliate Marketer using the Internet and they will tell you the same thing,  “I was up and running in hours or at the most several days.”

They may not be making money just yet but they were up and running.

If you’re new to the Internet and Affiliate Marketing, you must understand that the Internet can be confusing and frustrating.  “How do I do this” or “How do I start?” is what I hear the most.

My answer to these questions is simply, find someone or a company that will help and advise.  Then study what you learn.  Implement what you learn.  Do this everyday and soon you will become an expert in marketing and the Internet.

Go to YouTube.

YouTube has a wealth of information on just about any subject.  But a word of caution:  Some of what you may find can be misleading or out of date.  Also, in many videos you may be pressured into “signing-up” to get more information or the next level of coaching.  While this is a great marketing effort on their part, it can lead you down a path you may not want to take.

Now staying with YouTube, you may find that what you receive in information just maybe the company or individual you will want to work with.  Congratulations, just remember, a lot of what you search on YouTube is selling.  Nothing wrong with that.

Social Media

Do I use social media program to build my business such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Article Writing, Blogs and a host of other social media programs?How To Use The Internet

The answer is YES!! All of them!!

You use all of the resources available…but not all at the same time.  Become an expert in FaceBook as an example.  Know all the “how to’s.”  Know how to place ads and to who.  Know and understand how to read your back office and demographics. Study FaceBook as an example!!

Be comfortable with this marketing approach then move to another.

If you try to become an expert in all the social media programs, you will become CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED.

And while I’m at it, please don’t buy all the programs that come into your email box.

This will only add to the confusion and distract your focus, save your money stay with your chosen company.

Choose the media you want to use and stay with it or buy a program that will expand your knowledge in that program ONLY.

You can always come back to those other social media programs later.

The Secret To Internet Success for Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Google “how to_____” (fill in the blank) or go to YouTube and you will find a host of experts willing to give you the help you need and in most cases FREE.

It’s there, it’s available and with a little knowledge, you can become the expert in a very short time…Why pay someone when it’s FREE training.  Just be careful as explained above.  Your there for learning not buying.

The secret to your success is like learning how to fly.

How To Use The InternetHere is an example: You’ve decided that you want to learn to fly. Do you hop in the plane and take-off?

NO, that would be absurd.

You first learn the basic. You will want to know the plane.  How to read the gauges.  How to take off and land.  How to turn the plane.  You need the advice of experts.

You continue to study and PRACTICE.

After awhile, you step in the plane and take off…maybe not as smooth as you would like and you land..maybe not as smooth as you like…but you did it and that’s the important part…YOU DID IT.

You now continue to practice, you master the art of flying and soon you become very good at flying.

The Internet and Affiliate Marketing is no different.

You will not be good at first, but continue to practice, keep learning, study and you will soon be flying solo.

Here is the exciting part…you do not have to be a technical genius or a business wizard or even super smart or Internet savvy or understand all of affiliate marketing.

It simply boils down to knowing a few key things that make all the difference.

It takes some persistence, it takes time, it takes practice, it takes focus, and it’s just like anything worth doing, but the reward is huge.

Just remember, as I said earlier, you will become confused and frustrated.

But just stay with it and more important DON’T QUIT.

Your Affiliate Marketing Business is too important to give up just because of a few road blocks.

Over the next few articles, I will uncover the “Secrets to Internet Success” as well as identify some good and not so good Membership Affiliate Companies.How To Use The Internet

Having said that, there is No Secrets To Internet Success, for building your Affiliate Marketing Business…its knowledge.

So if you’re struggling with your affiliate marketing business my hope is to clear up the struggle and get your business growing.

This can be done through Mentoring, Coaching, Knowing What To Do and When, A Training Platform That Is So Powerful It Will Almost Guarantee Success, Weekly, Monthly Webinars To Keep You Informed on The Latest Trends and How To’s.

Learn how to have people look for you excited to join your business.

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Here’s to your Affiliate Marketing success,





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Bill Fletcher is a long time marketer and coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a business through a systematic approach to success. Affiliate Marketing 100 will guide you with the help of some of the best articles and coaching program available anywhere. We train you in all categories of business building and success management.

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