Getting Started The Right Way

Getting started in anything is challenging.

Getting started the right way take new skills.

One big problem with trying to improve your life simply is that you never seem to be able to get started. You say to yourself: “There is never really a good time to start.  I don’t have the skills to start.  I have too many other things on my mind,” and sometimes you’re just procrastinating or postponing for some reason.

There is often quite a bit of inner resistance when trying to get started.  I call it “Scared To Get Started.”

There is also the fears.  The fear of failure and believe it or not the fear of success.

If you have trouble getting started here are 5 tips you can try.

  1. Your heart is not in it then choose something you want.

One reason why you may never seem to get started is because your heart is not in it.  I see people set goals but never start because the goal is unrealistic.

Set an easy attainable goal, something that is so easy that “even a caveman can do it.”

Choose something you really want.  “I want a new Bulova Watch.  The cost is $416 dollars.  Now do something to earn $416 dollars part-time.

Or try to find you own motivation and reasons for achieving a goal.  You may be motivated enough to get started.

  1. Research your goal and then make a plan.

Downsides and problems that we imagine before getting started are often just in our heads.  Most of the thing we worry about just don’t come true.  Or if they do, it wasn’t as bad as you imagined.

Do a bit of your own research.  Read books, do some Googling and ask people who have actually been where you want to go.

With a bit of research you can often reduce your inner resistance and anxieties and find more positive benefits in getting started.

After you have done some research and know a bit more about your goal and the road towards it create a plan.

Creating a plan, a plan is a perfect map to get you where you want to go while calming you down.   A plan lessen much of the fuzzy anxiety and fear that can hold you back from getting started. With a clearer image of what you can do and how you should go about it a big chunk of your negative feelings will become less powerful.

  1. Ask yourself: “What is the worst that could happen?”

After you have done some research and made a written plan you will probably have lessened your fears and anxieties. If you still feel like you can’t get started ask yourself: “what is the worst that can happen?”

A lot of the fear we feel before getting started comes from fuzzy and foggy thoughts about what could happen. But if you actually imagine the worst scenario then it’s often not as frightening as you thought.

  1. Make it easy on yourself.

Don’t overcomplicate things. If you do there is a bigger chance that you’ll give up before what you started becomes a habit.

Making it easier on yourself will make it easier to get started.

As mentioned, set a small goal, something you can obtain in your sleep.

5. Just do it.

If you are sitting around procrastinating day in and day out just do one simple task. Shut off you brain.  Don’t over think it…Just Do It !  When our thoughts and feelings are constantly holding us back then just stop listening to you thoughts and take action.

Action lessens fear, anxiety and procrastination.

Developing a “just do it habit” can make taking action easier and will stop you from wasting a lot of time going over different scenarios that are mostly negative.

Just getting started and do something, anything, even if your thoughts and feelings wants to hold you back.

Get started even if it is wrong !