How To Brush Off Wealthy Affiliate | Is It A Scam?

As the title says:  “How To Brush Off Wealthy Affiliate.”  Does that mean that Wealthy Affiliate is a bad company, not worth investigating, or a scam?  NO!

Let me be up-front with you.  This article does not put-down, or brush off Wealthy Affiliate as a legitimate company but instead show you how others do it and why.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewI’m an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and will tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my business.

For over 2 years going on 3, I’m very impressed with the program and would do it all over again.  My only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier.  I could have saves $6,795 dollars in lesser programs.

With that said, as the title says “How To Brush Off Wealthy Affiliate” let’s begin.

Google Wealthy Affiliate

You can read all about Wealthy Affiliate in the many reviews by simply Googling Wealthy Affiliate.  When you do so, you will more that likely see:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review
  • Wealthy Affiliate Scam
  • Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review
  • Wealthy Affiliate A Legit Program?
  • Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate Liget?
  • The Problem With Wealthy Affiliate
  • Wealthy Affiliate 2020 Review, Former Member
  • Best Affiliate Review
  • Many videos and hundreds of other articles

While some may see this as a detriment for joining Wealthy Affiliate I see this as a great opportunity.  Surprised?

When you compare your product to a top leading product, that in my opinion it is a COMPLEMENT.

Asia Car Vs Cadillac

I once saw a TV ad comparing their car to a Cadillac.

The ad went something like this:  “When you drive XXX (car) it rides like a Cadillac.”  The ad continued with: “Quality is built in to XXX(car) better than a Cadillac.”Wealthy Affiliate Review

The car, by the way was new car from Asia.

I have nothing against the XXX (car) I just thought the advertising was interesting.

I was in college at this time as a Marketing Major and followed the marketing for the new car from Asia.  As a marketing major, I want to see how this type of ads met with the public.

Interesting, sales for Cadillac went up.  Why?  I think the public was reminded that Cadillac was a well built, quality automobile, made in America.

So when you see reviews such as, is it legit, is it a scam, 2020 review, and other reviews, many of these reviews or articles will sometimes compare their product with Wealthy Affiliate.

As you read through the review or scam, the writer will sometimes start to promote their product and how much better theirs are to Wealthy Affiliate.

Again, the Asian vs Cadillac review ad.  Which of course “Back Fired.”

I think this is a complement to Wealthy Affiliate as the top Affiliate Training program available.


Because Wealthy Affiliate is a good target.  A target because if Wealthy Affiliate’s program is so good (which it is) why not use the Google searches to get traffic!

So as a marketer, what I’m seeing is an increase in Wealthy Affiliate memberships.

Again I can reference the TV ad with the Cadillac comparison.

Am I Biased?

Am I biased?  Of course.

Being involved with Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 years, I have personally found this program to be the very best in quality training, support, price, production tools and weekly webinars from a top marketing and affiliate trainer.

Remember, I studied marketing and “Bad News Will always Excel Over Good News.”

Writing bad reviews or problem reviews or scam reviews will always be “Clicked” on because it “SELLS.”

Marketers Knows This.

Example Of A Video

Talking about comparing products, I recently watched a YouTube video in which the presenter went to great lengths in bashing Wealth Affiliate.  For approximately 10 minutes he sought out everything he could to put down Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and build his product by showing how his product was better.

I later went to the website to see for myself how his product was better.  Here are the results of my findings:

  • Cost:  His…$495 + $49 per month.  WA…$359 annual OR $49 per month
  • Hosting:  His…No.  WA…Yes
  • Training:  18 video’s.   WA….160 + 100’s of Targeted Training
  • Webinars:  His…Monthly   WA…Weekly
  • Keyword tool:  His…No   WA…Yes
  • Personal Blog:  His…No   WA…Yes
  • Private access to owner:  His…No  WA…Yes
  • 1-on-1-coaching:   His…Limited to 6 sessions   WA…Yes
  • Bootcamp video’s:  His…No   WA…Yes
  • Free starter Package:  His…No   WA…Yes
  • Live help:  His…Limited to 3 calls, each 1/2 hours   WA…Yes
  • 30-Day Money Back:  His…Yes   WA…No Cost For The Starter Program

I must say he had an impressive website with colors, photos, images:  beach, boats, cars, houses, testimonials, 30 Day 100% Money Back, flashing Join Now Button and a Pop-up.

When you look at WA’s web site all you see:  a clean “Create Your Account Now” and scroll down to view short paragraphs on what you get plus 15 years in business, 193 countries, 1,400,000 + members, 1,800 + coaches, 23,00+ people helped daily.

Nothing specular, just information to see what you receive.  Oh there is a ZERO RISK banner at the end.  Zero risk and zero obligation with our free Starter Membership.

In fact you can see the affiliate “Join Now” banner below with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.

Again, there is no cost to become a member with the Starter Membership.  If you decide to go Premium, (your choice) there is only one price…$359 Annually OR $49.00 per month…thats all!

Negative Comments

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewI remember in college, the marketing professor went to great lengths, in several lectures how you demeanor your product by trying to compare yours with negative comments.

Was this person an affiliate with another company?  Yes he was, but I never got to the point in which I found out who the company was.

I wasn’t interested and actually “Turn Off” in the FlASHY SALES PITCH he was making with beach pictures, classy cars and “dollars” flying all over the presentation.  Looked spammy to me.

There is one thing I don’t like with some of the Google searches.

I just typed in Wealthy Affiliate and came up with Wealthy Affiliate Scam.

The author goes on describing about the Awesome Training, What He Likes, The Zero Cost, and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

I know what he is doing.  Remember in my above statement…People will click on bad news before good news.

Just like TV…Bad news sells, good news entertains.  The weather is alway “Partly Cloudy not Partly Sunny.”

The author is counting that people will click because it is a SCAM.  However, as you read the article, the author is an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and describes all the features in a positive way.

Maybe this works, however this is not the way I conduct business…Called Bait and Hook!

Is it done on a regular bases with articles, TV ads and radio?

Yes, however I still belive that if you have a great product, quality, good reputation, and priced so that most everyone can take advantage of the product, you don’t have “Bash” your competition or “Bait and Hook” your potential readers.

If I’m an affiliate (which I am) I will talk positive.  I will give benefits of membership.  I will talks about the training, support, who the program is meant for, and why I became a member.

Why I Became A Member

To begin with, I spent over $6,000 dollars with another company and got a great education.  However, the company wanted me to promote their company and products.  So most of the training was Wealthy Affiliate Reviewin promoting the company.

Nothing wrong with that approach and many people are making a great income with the company.  I still like the company and will be a lifetime VIP member.

I found Wealthy Affiliate because of my lack of success.

You see, I didn’t want to only offer their products and company opportunity because WELL it is expensive.  Many people can’t come up with the money to join.  So my target audience was limited.

Second, I wanted to learn Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing so that I could promote products that interested me.  Products that people purchase everyday and often.

Take shoes.  People buy shoes.  People by shoes every day.  People return to by shoes every few years.

So why not become an affiliate with a shoe manufacture?

Running shoes, men’s shoes, ladies shoes, children shoes, specialty shoes…I’m not limited

Now I don’t make the $1,000 dollar as I could with the my first program but I can make several dollars every day and with new and repeat customer with something everyone likes and need.

Plus what comes with shoes?  Socks.  Socks are another repeat sale.

Now what if I want to expand.  Let’s say I wanted to promote shirts.  Men’s shirts, ladies shirts, children, short or long sleeve shirts, spring, winter fall shirts.

I can do that with what I learned with Wealthy Affiliate.


As mentioned, I spent well over $6,000 dollars with other programs and never got any further than trying to promote THEIR program.

I learned a lot about marketing, blogging and how to make videos, but never receive the affiliate marketing that I was looking for.

Again, as mentioned, I’m still an affiliate with that company and really like the management team, products and support.

But again, it’s expensive.

Since I wanted more on affiliate training, I began my search on the best affiliate training.

There was a lot of reviews on Wealthy Affiliate’s program, so I decided to check it out.

I just entered my name and email address, picked up a username and I was in (get it, NO credit card needed). This was ONLY the beginning of my journey.

I was impressed with the NO COST NO…CREDIT CARD introduction or “Starter Membership.”

Going through the Starter courses, I picked up some great affiliate marketing information and ideas.

No pressure, I made a decision that would change my life forever….I purchased the Premium Membership for only…

Ready For This….$359.00

Wealthy Affiliate has two price points:

  1. Starter membership costs you $0 – free to join and learn, free to stay forever
  2. Premium membership costs you $19 the first month (if you take advantage of the 59% discount during the first 7 days after joining) and $47 the following months. You may cancel at any time, if you wish to do so. If you decide to pay on a yearly basis, the Premium Membership will cost you $359. That would save you $205 over the $47 per month during the year ($47 x 12 months = $564; $564 – $359 = $205 in savings, seems like a good deal!).

I wanted the savings, so I joined as a Premium Member.  After doing so, I went directly to training and my first task was to complete my profile.  It was just a matter of choosing a profile pic and writing a little something about me.

As soon as I completed my first task, do you know who came to my profile and offered me help? Both of the owners, Kyle and Carson!

It’s hard to believe that the owners would personally welcome me!  And this was not a machine sending out automated messages, it was Kyle and Carson….impressive!

I replied to them, and they answered me wishing the “best of success.”

If I decided to become a paying member or the Premium Membership it was fine with them, if I decided to keep being a Free Lifetime Member, that was fine too!

What Kind Of Support Is Available At Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a great reputation and incredibly fast support system including:

  • Live chat — it usually takes no longer than a couple of minutes before someone answers your help request.  I know this because I asked a question!
  • Questions and answers
  • Classroom comment system
  • 24/7/365 WordPress hosting support
  • Direct private message. If you are a Premium Member you’re able to contact the owners Kyle and Carson directly
  • I’ll help you myself, in anything you need concerning WA and your goals – if you sign through any of the links available on in this article, I’ll get notified and I’ll offer you my help

What Kind Of Training And Tools Are Available At Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has several training modules that include but are not limited to:

  • “Getting Started” divided in 10 courses of 10 task-based lessons — only the first course is available freely with the Starter Membership — this module teaches you how to start a niche website and make money from it
  • “Affiliate Bootcamp” divided in 10 courses of 10 task-based lessons — again, only the first is available to a Starter Member — this module teaches how to start a website in the “make money from the Internet” niche and earn an income with it
  • Lots of classrooms on different topics that will help get you to the top
  • Weekly one-hour long live webinars (for paying members) about new and interesting tips, strategies, ideas with a session of questions and answers afterwards related to the webinar’s theme

Wealthy Affiliate offers a complete set of tools which include but aren’t limited to:

  • 2 FREE WordPress websites hosted on the SiteRubix platform
  • FREE WordPress themes and plugins to use on your WordPress installations
  • FREE Keyword Research Tool to find your best long-tail keywords
  • FREE Rapid Writer that allows you to start writing your articles right away and save drafts to publish later on your blog
  • Unlimited WordPress websites (for paying members) hosted at SiteRubix’s state-of-art hosting super-fast WordPress optimized cloud servers with a larger set of themes and plugins and the option to use your own domains

Finally, If I Were You I Wouldn’t Take My Word For It, I Would Go Inside And Try It For Yourself

If after reading this article and hearing all the wonderful stuff about Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn’t take my word for it.  I would go to Wealthy Affiliate and check it out for yourself.

The best part….It’s 100% completely free to join.  Let me say that again…“It’s 100% completely free to join.”

Yeap, the Starter Membership option only costs you… ZERO dollars.  In plain language, that’s zip, nothing, not even a penny.  It’s like creating a free email account,  You just fill out a form and you’re in.

Have you looked at the BANNER below?

What do you see?

“Free Membership…No Credit Card Required.”

Personally, I would give it a try…what Have You Got To Loose?

Hey thanks for reading all the way through,





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