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As the title says, I Found What I was Looking For with a awesome affiliate coaching program called Wealthy Affiliate.

I wanted a home business in which I could earn an income with products that are in high demand.  The problem was that there were a lot of platforms saying they were the best in developing me to become a great affiliate marketer.

And yes there are some good programs, however I was not willing to lay out hundreds or thousands of dollars jut to see if there program was what I was looking for.

I must admit, I did find a program that was impressive, so I invested my dollars and became a member.

It soon became apparent that the sign-up offer was to collect my money so they could Up-Sell me other courses.  And YES I fell into the trap.  After all I already paid for my membership up front so it was easy to keep trading dollars for more coaching.

Well after $3,000 dollars I finally had enough, swallowed my pride and quit before they asked for more money.

Lessoned learned!  And a good lesson learned.

For 3 months, I sat back and let my pride recover.

Spring is a wonderful time in the Midwest.  Flowers, tree blooming, grass turning green, and blue skies.  Time to take action.

While searching, I stumbled upon a website that directed me to Wealthy Affiliate.

Being taken before, I  was not going to fall into the same trap, I only wanted to know how to do affiliate marketing…thats all.

All I wanted was:

  • How to create a website
  • How to find product
  • How to drive traffic to that product and make a commission from selling the product
  • How to start without breaking the bank as I did in the past
  • How to get quality coaching
  • How to get support when I need it

Not too much to ask…right?

You can say I have a simple and very straightforward plan.

Easy Way to Start Online Business

My main problem was I didn’t know how to drive traffic in fact I didn’t know how to find a profitable niche and equally, learn SEO and Keywords.

I really need help!

In looking at Wealthy Affiliate I decided to give it a try.  The word FREE got my attention.

Of course FREE meant they were going to hit me with investment dollars later.  But what the heck!

I entered my email and hit entered expecting Wealthy Affiliate to ask for my credit card for future billing.

That Didn’t Happen….No Credit Card….No Money….No Commitment!

This was too good to be true.  The program must be a worthless program!

After all, I was willing to do some investment…not the $3,000 again, but yeas some investment.

Based on my previous experience with similar online products, I was very suspicious after signing up. I said to myself if I find one up-sell or an additional fee… I am out of there.  Remember, I signed up in the previous program for only $395 which quickly went to $3,000 with all the up-sells.

After 7 days of FREE training, I was asked if I wanted to go Premium?

Here It Was…Up-Sell.

Well they asked…I didn’t have to and keep my FREE account with current training.  But Wealthy Affiliate did ask.

The price was only $495.  Yal…$495 today and then $495 later.  But to my surprise, they only wanted $495 for a annual membership and I got everything Wealthy Affiliate had to offer including 52 weeks of online webinars held every Friday with Wealth Affiliate chief trainer…Jay.

After several months, I was shaking my head…all of this and only $495.  This was a lot more than the $3,000 I spent 6 months ago.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Great Way To Go With An Online Business

In my opinion, the best way to start an online business is Affiliate Marketing.

You don’t need any merchandise, you do not need to deal with the customer, you don’t need to deal with shipping, you don’t need to accept returns and you don’t need to develop a product in fact you don’t need customer service headache…it’s what I call the perfect business.

All you have to do is to write an objective review of a product within a niche you have chosen.

Foe instance:  How to build a bird house…if that is your interest.  Write your article and direct the reader to your affiliate company and they do the rest.

They purchase…you make a commission and you can have more than one or many affiliate companies.

Choose your Keywords wisely and within a few months, you should be able to see some traffic and also sales.

Yes, a few months. But think about it as having any other business;

How long does it take to open the restaurant? How much money do you need for opening a restaurant?

Affiliate marketing needs only time and effort.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Training

There is tons of training to go through in very systematic order.

Wealthy Affiliate includes a step-by-step training with video tutorials, tasks, live chat with other members, great support, weekly webinars.

I would compare it to the university style of education, where you decided what pace fits for you.

The first course is a Certificate Course with 5 courses and each with 10 lessons.

The course is designed to walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started the course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

Easy Way to Start Online Business

The second course is the by far the best.  This course contains 7 courses with 10 lessons.  This finalized my decision on how wonderful this program was and for only $495.


There are many online courses, platforms, and products where you can learn a lot of stuff. There are also lousy products and it seems to me that the majority of products in this make-money-online niche are just low quality.

I know.  I spent $3,000 dollars and never received a fraction of what I’m receiving with Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus I get a keyword tool called Jaxxy and 52 weeks of live training from Jay who is a quality coach.

I have covered what is, in my opinion, the best program available with an awesome price.

You are aware that there are already plenty of blogs and websites and ways how to make money online.

Each will tell you they have a best program and they just maybe true.  But for a low cost with top training, keyword search tool, webinars, purchase your own domain, create a website and receive all the support you need, in my professional opinion Wealthy Affiliate is by far head-and-sholders above all the others.

Remember that the number of people on the Internet is growing every day and this is a great time for you to start an online business.

Look below…Click On The Banner and for FREE start your online affiliate marketing business.

Thank you for reading


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Bill Fletcher is a long time marketer and coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a business through a systematic approach to success. Affiliate Marketing 100 will guide you with the help of some of the best articles and coaching program available anywhere. We train you in all categories of business building and success management.

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