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Think about this question…

Did you know that “it is easier to succeed than fail with an Affiliate Marketing Business?”

Think about it…..”Is it easier to succeed than to fail with your own Affiliate Business”

With the proper help, guidance and support…it is easy to succeed.

If you “Go It Alone” success, at best is a long process if not impossible.

That”s a little hard…Impossible?  It’s not impossible, but it is a long process with many twist and turns, and if your not ready or the willingness to stick with it…well then failure is in the “CARDS!”

Before I begin, let’s take a look at YOU!

You Are…Unique…

You Are Unique...You Are You!

You Are Unique…You Are You!

You had a million in 1 chance to be born.  This make you unique in the world.  No other person living, dead or anytime in the future will ever be like you.

Unique…being the only one being without a like or equal :  distinctively characteristic :

Your Early Accomplishments

You had to learn how to eat, craw, walk and run.

You had to learn how to count, 1-2-3.  You learn the ABC’s, read and write.

You had to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car and in some cases fly.  You had to learn to use tools, computers, cook…

You joined a company and learned the job requirements.

Every day is a new day and a learning experience.  Tomorrow has never been and is never been experienced until it becomes today.

As you can see it is easier to succeed than to fail in life.  All you do is practice.  Maybe a challenge or two, but you did it.  Your business is no different…you can succeed if you put your mind to it.

While writing about the qualities of successful people, I was suddenly struck by what is “normal.”

Was Bill Gates “normal?’  Einstein “normal?”  In baseball…was Babe Ruth “normal?”  What about some of our great leaders, scientist, doctors, educators, philosophers?  Then there is the person who takes on something that no one else will do.  The next door neighbor who volunteers.  The mom and dad who are the parents of a child (that’s a challenge).  Grandma and grandpa.  Are they “normal?”

Then there is the person who sets out out on a different road.  The business owner, the entrepreneur who said “I want more to life than the ordinary.”  Are they “normal?”

Then comes the home business owner…are they “normal?”  NO!!!  They have taken the role of entrepreneur.

You have a network marketing business, MLM business, home based business, work at home business, a retail store, lawn service, you developed your own product.   You work full-time or part-time on helping others to loose weight, exercise, eat healthy, or any other opportunity to better someone else.  Are they “normal?”

Tryett Cathy started Chick Fil, Sam Walton founded Walmart, James Penny at 70 years old started JC Penny’s, Ray Kroc took a little company in San Bernardino, CA and grew it into a one of the largest “Speed Service” restaurant in the world…McDonald’s.

Are all these people “normal?”  YES!  All they did was step forward and do something different.  Something that no one else wanted to do.

The home business owner or network marketer has stepped forward and is doing something different…to improve themselves while helping others to improve themselves.  This is either by helping create a better financial future or products to help or improve their lives or BOTH.

Men and women by nature were born to be a hunter/gatherer. Their hunting methods may have changed as well as the things they gathers. But they still takes pride in bringing home the results of his forages, stores them for the future; and even shows them off to friends and associates.

We are all Wired For Success

We are all Wired For Success

Since the start, men and women have always been “wired for success.”

Our wire for success would not let up until he/she achieves what they set their sights on.  To come home-empty handed is unthinkable.  They knew that they would be a subject of derision and mockery from the family, friends and associates. In the eyes of all.  And failure means:

  • I didn’t work hard enough
  • I didn’t even try
  • I have to do it all over again
  • I lost the opportunity when it was presented
  • I was bypassed by an associate
  • Suffering frustration and defeat are very difficult for their ego
  • Discouragement and discontent that comes with failure
  • Giving up just before success

George Bernard Shaw wrote:

“When I was young, I observed that nine out ten things I did were all failures so I worked ten times harder.”

Unless you thrive in those negative feelings associated with failure, you will try all you can not to fail. But if we are “wired for success” and since we hate to fail, then why are there so many failures than successes? Isn’t there some disconnect in here?

Before you give yourself a dose of anti-headache pills, let’s put a clear perspective on failure and having failed.

Real failure can only happen two ways:

  • First, if you didn’t do anything but sit on your butt all your life and
  • Second, after having tried and failed, you never give it another try.

Otherwise, failure is only temporary. And it can happen to anybody. Henry Ford failed several times, so did Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and millions of others in between. They all failed several times before they achieved the success, recognition and wealth before their names became parts of history.

Thomas Edison failed more times than he succeeded.  “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Failure is a necessary ingredient to learning.  All components of the computer in your brain were tested to see how far they will go before they fail.  Almost everything that we use daily were tested to fail.

Never Ever Quit

Never Ever Quit

Life will test you several ways and on countless occasions to the point of failure. There is nothing to be ashamed about failing, nothing to be depressed about it NO reason to say I QUIT!

It’s true, everybody hates to fail. But it is only shameful, despicable and hateful if you allow it to bring you down completely; if you refuse to get up after each fall to continue with the chase.

Thomas A. Edison said:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

I love network marketers or people in MLM.  Here’s Why?

They know the challenges.  They see the success as well as the quitters.  They hear NO more often than YES and still have to keep going.  All network marketers must be positive every day, even while the world seam to be against them.

I love network marketers because they take on the challenges.  They step out of the “normal.”   They truly are the entrepreneurs of today, “I can do this” attitude.  “I’m not satisfied with being ‘normal’.”  “I’m not a Complainer…I’m a doer.”

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”-– Walt Disney

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