Wealthy Affiliate | A Scam or Legitimate?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legitimate? Let’s find out once’n for all!

By Bill Fletcher CEO Planning-4-Success

If your here you have probably typed in Wealthy Affiliate.

First thanks for reviewing this article.

Let’s get to the question first…Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Your going to find all kind of reviews that say No Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.  And your going to find all kind of reviews saying Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

Which do you believe?  It’s tough.

Each review will have points both Bad and Good.

Again, Who Do You Believe?

What better way to promote an offer by comparing Wealthy Affiliate to theirs?  In my opinion, for what ever it is worth compare the top products with another.

For example:  Cadillac is well known as a premier quality automobile.  So someone might say, “Our product is the Cadillac of affiliate marketing.”  Meaning you can’t get any better.

This is marketing 101.  Compare your product to the top of the line.

Wealthy Affiliate is the top of the line….period!

Affiliate Marketing Success

Some people will succeed in the online business world while many others keep failing.

Why is this?

Do you know what the difference between successful business and the ones who keep failing?

It’s simple!

  • Have the right mindset…very important
  • Have the proper tools…very important
  • Have the right information…very important
  • Have the right guidance…very important
  • Have the work ethic to work effectively…very important
  • Have the ability to stay focused and work through the ups and downs….or Never Ever Quit!

All successful people have weaknesses and they make mistakes from time to time, so it’s great to have someone who can offer help, be supportive when needed and a good pat on the back when a job is well done.

That means a helpful community and/or a coach to go to.

Here is the question:  Does Wealthy Affiliate meet these important aspects?

Let’s find out if Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam or the Cadillac of affiliate marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate Review…Success or Failure

Here is a new question….Can you succeed or can you fail with this program?


There are hundreds of success stories and hundreds of fail stories.

Is Wealthy Affiliate responsible for the success or the failures?


Wealthy Affiliate is the “Vehicle” success or failure is up to the individual.

Success: Success is a Noun meaning a favorable or desired outcome

Failure:  Failure is a Noun meaning giving way under stress or the inability to preform a normal function

Sales Pitch

My intent is to not give you a Sales Pitch.  Just the opposite.  My intention is to inform you with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and let you make your own decision.  I’ve made mine.  And I’m very pleased with my decision.

My goal here is to help you to determine whether this platform is going to be the right program for you so you can start with your own online affiliate business.

Would I like to have you join me?  Of course I would.  But if you don’t, at lease you have a good idea of Wealthy Affiliate….Again this is your decision, not mine!

To be honest, there is no such thing as a perfect platform.  Many will say they have the perfect platform, but in reality no one have a Perfect Platform and Wealth Affiliate is one of them.

I am sure there might be some aspects you may not like but overall I think you will be impressed.

One that come to mind, is the training.  There is a lot of training and it can be overwhelming.  Is that a flaw?  NO but some will say TOO MUCH.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For FREE for 7 Days

Unique to Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to try the platform for free for 7 days….and there is no credit card required.

This is called the Starter Account with 10 lessons that you can go through, including:

  • How to choose a niche
  • How to set up your website
  • How to create content
  • Understanding the keywords
  • and so much more

After the 7 days, you have 2 choices:

  1. Upgrade to Premium – take full advantage of this platform for $49 a month (if paid yearly the price is $495 per year)
  2. Keep your Starter account – The training will get locked, but you still have access to WA and you can work on your WordPress website

How’s that for an offer?  No upfront for 7 days.  If you like the program, become a member for only $495 with NO Up-Sell.

Refreshing.  As with so many other programs, they offer a low price to start only to hit you again and again with Up-Sells.

How do I know?

I started with a well known program for $395.  Almost immediately they ask for another $495 to get full advantage of their program.  Then within a week I was hit with another $395 for additional “Must Have” followed by $1,995 for the “Premium” Gold Star Program.  By the time I was done I invested over $3,000 dollars.

Did the $3,000 help me?  Not really.  For Wealthy Affiliate’s $495 yearly program I got as much as the $3,000 program.

But I also got a plus….I received 52 Live Classes per year, every Friday.  Jay will teach you the latest strategies, tip and tricks with his webinar. All webinars are recorded, so you can watch them as many times as you wish.

Next Part

In the next part I will try to cover what Wealthy Affiliate is about.  This is so you will understand how to create a website and what does it take to rank well in search engines.

Join A Helpful Community

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. Over time the community of WA has reached more than a million members.

The community platform was created as an initiative way to help other people Wealthy Affiliate Reviewsucceed online.

There are people from all over the world which means that there are people online 24/7.

I must admit I was truly surprised by the support from the members. They are very helpful and supportive.

As an example, I was struggling to understand an SEO concept.  Not only did I receive support from the community, but I also received support from one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate…Kyle.

One of the founders actually contacted me, offered advice and a personal private message to his support.

The platform is also a great source for finding relevant information for your particular problem.

I was struggling to create my website, I had to seek help somewhere. In many cases, I simply went to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, typed in the search bar and got my answers.

Wealthy Affiliate review

There are members inside the community with many years of experience in the digital marketing field, and many of them have also experience before they joined the Wealthy Affiliate.

As I said there are people from all over the world willing to help and offer advice.

Check More Details Here

Affiliate Marketing – 2 Main Core Training

The training is the most comprehensive I have found on the entire Internet. Everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing is right at your finger tips.

There are 2 main training inside the Wealthy Affiliate program.

1.  Core training is called Online Entrepreneur Certification

This core training has 5 levels. Each level contains 10 lessons.

It is a series of courses walking you through the process of creating a business within any niche you want or are interested in.

    • Choose Niche
    • Setting Up Your Website
    • Understanding Keywords
    • Creating Keyword Rich Content
    • The Traffic Breakdown
    • Low Hanging Fruit
    • Understanding the Money in Online Business
    • Affiliate Programs, Links
    • Earning Pennies or Dollars
    • Social Media
    • People need to read your content
    • Bing and Yahoo – still 33%
    • Articulating a plan for months and years…

2.  The second type of training is called Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp has 7 Levels, again each level contains 10 lessons.

Affiliate Bootcamp is a series of courses walking you through the process of creating a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are the key objectives of Affiliate Bootcamp:

    • Building Your Website
    • Getting Your Website Ready for SEO
    • Creating Readable Content that Converts and Using Targeted Keywords
    • Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
    • Making Your Social Profiles Brand friendly
    • Social Waste vs. Productivity
    • Creating Your Own Videos
    • A Lesson about Customer Perspective
    • Incorporating Your Custom Sign-up Forms
    • Helping Folks is Critical
    • PPC on Bing Ads (Paying Traffic on Bing & Yahoo)
    • Understanding the Google Adwords Opportunity
    • Creating a Long Term, Scalable PPC Campaign

As I mentioned earlier, the Live Events inside Wealthy Affiliate are awesome. You watch over Jay’s shoulder, how he does things.  Jay is a training chief at Wealthy Affiliate. He offers spectacular live training every Friday for 1 hour +.  Of course these are recorded so you can go back and review.

One of Jay’s Live Video Training was how you can create a website in a minute.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewAs mentioned each Webinar is an hour long, but Jay often goes over the hour with a feature in which he answers question from his audience.

At the end of each webinar, there is a FAQ section so people get the answers right away.

Here are some of the topics that Jay covered:

  • SEO Strategies to Explode your rankings
  • Changing WordPress Themes
  • Email Marketing (4 hours stretched over 4 webinars)
  • YouTube (Ranking, Producing Video, Streaming, Advertising on YouTube)
  • Google Analytics (Introduction, Tracking)
  • The SEO Checklist
  • Researching of Competition

My absolutely favorite webinars are the Case study series. You can start your own business just from watching these webinars.

Wealthy Affiliate review

Four times a year there is a “Hot Seat” session webinar where Jay is checking your website and gives you honest feedback. If your website is not selected, you can still leverage the feedback Jay is giving to another person’s website.

So regarding the training, I can go on and on. If you would like to find out more about training, you can take a look inside the platform.

Just use your email address and you are all set but remember…the look see is FREE

Please note that you have access for 7 days. After the week, you can keep your account called Starter membership, but you won’t able to take full advantage of the platform.

If you decide to continue, you would need to sign up for the Premium membership. Once you pay for the premium you have full access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Here is the price structure.

Wealthy Affiliate review

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you check the following article.

Complaints About Wealthy Affiliate

Let me also share with you Complaints about Wealthy Affiliate. You may have seen them at different sites, so we will go over them to check how objective they are. I admit that some of the cons are justified; But let’s be honest – nothing is perfect.

1.  Free Account – Is It Really FREE?

I saw a review where they say that there is a catch, regarding the free account.

There is no catch!

I always explain that the free option is for 7 days only and the training is limited. For the 7 days, there is access only to 1 phase of the training, which is 10 lessons.

I also include that after the 7 days are up, there is no mandatory upgrade to Premium, but the training will remain locked.

There is also no action required from the user since he or she uses only email to sign up….No Credit Card is on file!

2.  Training is Disorganized

As mentioned above, if there is any one complaint it’s the amount of training, and yes it can be overwhelming.

But would you like too much training or not enough training?  I’ll take too much.

Here is how to access the core training. It takes 3 clicks to start with training.

Wealthy Affiliate review

If you recall there are 2 program plus the live coaching.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

This has 5 Levels (50 lessons). Each Level is nicely structured with a menu on your right to see where you are and what you have already accomplished, and what you have not done yet.

  • Affiliate Bootcamp training.

This training has 7 Levels or phases that equals 70 lessons. Again these are nicely structured.

  • Live Events.

You can find here more than 300 video courses, on different topics.
These tutorials take place every Friday at 5 pm Pacific Time (PT). All of them are recorded and you can watch them anytime.

I admit that this platform has a lot of training materials, and a newbie can easily get overwhelmed. But at the end of the day, it is as easy to navigate throughout the platform.

3.  Wealthy Affiliate Teaches Only Basic SEO Strategies

SEO can be difficult to comprehend entirely, especially from a technical point of view.

From the practical point of view, everything that I have learned about SEO, I have learned inside the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Do they cover every single aspect of SEO?

Probably not, but again what is taught is what Works.  To me that is more important than getting deep within SEO where it can be confusing.

The bottom line is, that Google likes quality content. You have to write for your reader or visitor, and you have to provide him/her with value.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches exactly this and they put a lot of emphasis on what member’s should do to up with quality content.

Let’s take a look at the Live Event Webinars that are recorded. More than 400 live events are covering different topics.

When we want to find a webinar regarding SEO, just search for it.

Wealthy Affiliate review

4.  Too Many Affiliates – Crowded Space

One complaint I saw was that there are too many members within Wealthy Affiliate and it is hard to compete.

Who ever said that have no idea of what they are talking about….this statement is false.

First of all, there are thousands of niches and another thousand “sub-niches” and thousands of “sub-sub niches” that people can easily make 4 figures a month.

Take just one example – losing weight.

Your not going to compete with big companies…thats a given.

But there is always room for people to become an authority within smaller niches like:

  • How to lose weight after pregnancy
  • Lose weight fast
  • How men can loose weight
  • How to lose weight after 50– Lose weight fast
  • Lose weight without exercise and so on…

The thing is that there are more than 4.5 billion people online in 2021. All these people are connected and searching for help, advice, recommendations, and so on.

Another argument against the “crowded space” statement is that even within the same niche the competition is a good thing.

  1. It is proof that there is a market and ability to make money
  2. Not all people like one kind of approach.

What do I mean by that?  Take a look at the Fast food industry. You have Burger King and McDonald’s on the same street.

Now does it mean that one of them is out of business? Of course not. Different people prefer different things, even though these two are in the same industry.

5.  Lack of Control

It is said, that the best way to earn money is to have your own product.

But it takes tremendous work, time, and money to let people know about your new product.

If it is a tangible product, you need someone to manufacture it, you need customer service, you need people working for you, you need to pay distributors, and so on.

If you have a digital product – it is easier, but still, you need a lot of time (and often a team of people) to get this done.

Why would a beginner try to come up and sell a new product? It is extremely difficult to do.

Sell what is already selling.

Like shoes?   Sell Nike!

Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for beginners and intermediate marketers on what is a niche and how to find and promote a niche.

Learn the principle of affiliate marketing.  Once you learned how to monetize the website you can go to any industry and/or affiliate program you want.

Let Me Get One Point Straight

Success is relative. Nobody goes to the internet, creates a website a week later makes $3,000 per week.
There is a procedure to get to that point, a learning curve that take time and commitment.

Do you know what makes a newbie or even an advanced marketer happy?

  • When they finds that his/her post is indexed by google
  • When they sees that his/her first post is ranked on the 1st page of google
  • When they sees that the number of visitors goes up
  • When they makes the first sale online – that feeling is amazing
  • When they makes 3 figures a month, then 4…
  • When they gets to the level so he/she can delegate the work to others

These are important milestones in every business.

I Finished a discussion on Wealthy Affiliate, now let’s cover what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, besides the training.

Jaazy Keyword Research Tool – Jaazy Embedded Within Wealthy Affiliate

We all know that to monetize the website, we need traffic. Wealthy Affiliate focus is on organic traffic.

To simplify it:Wealthy Affiliate Review We are building a website – creating content – driving traffic to the website – make a sale.

People go to Google, Bing or Yahoo and they ask questions or looking for help.

At Wealthy Affiliate we are taught how to get our website ranked on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Being on the 1st page of any search engine means traffic.

Once we have the traffic we can monetize our website without being salesy.

One of the essential keys on how to get on the first page of either Google, Bing or Yahoo is the proper Keyword Research.

Jaxy is a great keyword tool and easy to use….Click to get Jaaxy

If you have not heard about keyword research you can check this post where it is explained what keyword research is about.

Website Builder – Free SSL

People usually tend to freak out when it comes to creating a website. When I started my business I had to pay for building my website ($350 dollars). Too complicated for me, so I hire a company.

Today, with the knowledge I can do that within a few hours including the content and few pictures.

Within Wealthy Affiliate you have the ability to build your own website.  And as Jay said in one of his training webinars…you can build your website in less than a minute.

It took me less than an hour…but I’m very picky.

Create your website with the SiteRubix website platform. Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the most useful and integrated tools for website analysis, ranking, and security.

Success Stories – WA Members Earning Full Income Online

Once you are inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can read blog posts by others, and there is a ton of success stories.

Here is some example:

  • Dylan sold his website for $30,000.
  • Amazon is great for beginners. Kenny made his first $100 dollars.
  • Here is another example. Chris made $2,000 with YouTube Ad-sense.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?  I hope I answered that question.

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?  Some have and some haven’t.  Wealthy Affiliate is a platform with all the tools and coaching to allow you the ability to earn an income.  How you use it, and how dedicated you are will determine your success and yes your failure.

Will you succeed or will you fail is all up to you, but you will never know if you don’t even try.

You have two choices:  Go on doing what you doing or sign up for a FREE Starter Account.  At the end of 7 days, make a knowledgable decision as to stay for FREE or do as many other have done and become a member for only $495.

Here is what $495 looks like over a year:  $41.25 dollars per month or $9.52 per week or $1.35 per day.

See the BANNER below?  Click on that BANNER and begin your journey as a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

Thank for reading




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