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Art Williams is best know for his speech “Just Do It” that made to the organization of National Religious Broadcasters in 1987.

What does this have to do with Affiliate Market or operating a home business?  Nothing!

However, the speech is is both motivational as well as entertaining.

If you have not heard the speech, I have attached the 20 minute speech.


Art Williams founded Primerica Financial Services as a “Buy Term and Invest the Difference.”

The company’s rapid growth to become the largest seller of life insurance in the U.S. was enhanced by his emphasis on promoting his people. He was one of the first to have weekly video conferences on the company’s private television broadcast system. This allowed him to personally speak to each of his 100,000 plus agents and to create a family feeling that inspired them to become Financially Independent.

While this is not in the area of affiliate marketing, the speech, “Just Do It” is one that I have listened many time.  When ever I need a up-lift I play this video.

Watch the video and I think you will agree as I do, A L Williams hit the mark!

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